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"Dr. Margarita Gurri is an irresistible speaker and trainer—supremely knowledgeable, funny, and able to work a crowd like no one else I know. I have watched even the toughest audiences melt in her presence. I highly recommend Margarita to anyone who wants to experience a top-notch speaking pro." —Achim Nowak, Brilliant Best 

"Margarita was amazing! She created a safe, fun place to look at our office drama without shame or blame. Our team is working much better now that we understand the five communication styles, seven communication competencies, and the three levels of anger." —Michael Mullane, Finance

"Raise the bar! Dr. Gurri is one of my favorite people in the professional speaking business! She is a bright, funny, compassionate, extremely creative, and gifted communicator. Margarita truly has a heart for making a difference in people's lives. I highly recommend Margarita to any organization that wants to grow, be energized, or "raise the bar!" She will hit a home run!!" —David Anderson, PhD, Impacting People, LLC

"Her energy and joie de vivre is infectious… She is an excellent clinician who speaks with expertise, caring and integrity. She is an extremely ethical professional, valuing diversity and facilitating positive change in her clients on a wide variety of topics related to children and adults. Dr. Gurri is an author who writes for the lay public for the betterment of her community. She is an energetic, playful and extremely loving human being. Her energy and joie de vivre is infectious." —Ed Dunkelblau, PhD, The Institute for Emotionally Intelligent Learning

"The Ethical Speaker is a great resource for CSP applicants... and anyone hoping to add professionalism to their speaking business. And you'll be surprised to find it's also an enjoyable read. Sprinkled with quotes from people you know, ranging from Zig Ziglar to Warren Buffet, each page pulls you along ... enjoyably." —George Walther, CSP, CPAE

"No one wants to take an ethics course, but everyone will be glad they participated in an Ethics course from Dr. Margarita Gurri, CSP. Fun, funny, and on-point!." —Caroline de Posada, Author, Speaker, Entrepreneur

"Best advice! Your words of wisdom related to my business. I love that we continued our conversation with consultation." —Yaimy Chavez, Capablanca Chess Academy

"Dr. Margarita Gurri is a global consultant, speaker and author who delights in renewing professionals with her own brand of humor and wisdom." —Program Participant

"The Patient Experience program was just what I needed and presented in a fun, refreshing manner. Learned about empathy and the patient experience. Was great. It was amazing, she kept me engaged the whole time and answered all our questions. We all look forward to our next training with Dr Red Shoe." —Program Participant

"Simply the best! I learned how to maintain composure in stressful situations, treat patients, and create procedures that serve our patients well. Awesome attitude, very funny, and just plain fun." —Program Participant

"Highly practical and interactive… Ethics and Sexual Harassment programs perfectly matched the needs of the City of Miami Beach. This custom-designed program was presented in a highly practical and interactive format, making Ethics instantly relevant for every participant. Dr. Gurri's dynamic training style kept our staff riveted and wanting for more!" —Leslie Rosenfeld, PhD, City of Miami Beach, Organizational Development

"Dr. Gurri’s workshop provided me and my team the “bridge” we needed to better communicate among ourselves.  She taught us about the different types of followers and leaders in groups and how they interact with each other. In her easy-to-follow and energetic way, she revealed a lot of truths and dispelled a lot of perceptions about ourselves that have built up over time. Once we realized we were all leaders, this allowed us to take ownership our individual “pieces” of both the problem and solution “pies,” which gave us not only a sense of relief that we were all good people, trying to do the right thing, with no nefarious intentions, but also the power to make change and be part of the solution.

The workplace has transformed into a positive, open, and most importantly, safe place that encourages communication and sharing of ideas." —Anonymous high-ranking leader, National Guard

"Margarita, thank you so much for helping make CMSA Detroit’s first virtual conference a huge success. We received rave revues about you from our members and participants, and you were the perfect moderator. You kept things fun, lively, and engaging throughout the entire day, and then to top it all off, your presentation on “ handling difficult people” was timely and enlightening. Thank you for sharing your story about your Mom and those beautiful “Red Shoes”! You helped CMSA Detroit Soar during our virtual learning adventure, so again we say thank you." Michelle Horton, Education Committee, CMSA Detroit

"There are just not enough available words to describe how wonderful you are and how much you added to our conference last week. Your time, talent, personality, and abilities were crucial to our success.  It just wouldn't have been as much fun or professional without you.  CMSA loves you!
I am one grateful committee chair!  I hope we can work together again in the future." —Margo Beauregard, MS, OTRL, CCM
CMSA Conference Chair 2020

"Thanks for all you do and offer!!! Couldn't have picked a more perfect time to spell out BAD BEHAVIOR!!!!! Love what you have to say and all you do!!!" —Susan Cline, CMSA

"I thoroughly enjoyed hearing your conversation as MC "behind the curtain" talking with other presenters today and learning how a case manager saved your cousin. I'm sure your mama would be happy to know that you share that story with others." —Lynn Czech

"Margarita is a brilliant genuine warm coach who just "gets it" breaks it down and simplifies it so that everyone is at ease and relieved by the stressors that they came in with and left with tools to work with to cope on their own !!!! We adore her professionally and as a superb person." —Elyse Fried, Licensed Real Estate Professional at Ocean Insiders


"Margarita was very informative speaking to parents on the subject of 'How to speak to your children about sex' Margarita was able to put the audience at ease and discuss this difficult subject in a very professional manner that was well-received by all. She's is a real jewel!! —Diane Grant, Author-Speaker, Brave, Strong, and Beautiful

"Dr Gurri has the unique ability to connect in a very human way within a group of varied cultures and value systems. She is able to find a common platform for problem solving, growth, and communication." —Lisa Gelbert, BS MCD-CCC, SLP

"Dr Gurri has the unique ability to connect in a very human way within a group of varied cultures and value systems. She is able to find a common platform for problem solving, growth, and communication." —Lisa Gelbert, BS MCD-CCC, SLP

"Before working with Margarita, Dr. Red Shoe, my lack of tech knowledge had me hesitant to bring my in-person healing sessions and wellness programs into a virtual format. Her warmth, humor, and expertise made the experience easier and more fun than I expected, with step-by-step guidance that was simple, practical, and extremely effective.
I am now confident in my ability and thrilled by the prospect of reaching a broader audience with online presentations that convey the same intimacy and connection of my in-person sessions."  —Kevin O'Brien, Certified Holistic Wellness Facilitator, Stress Reduction Specialist

"Dr. Gurri spoke at our mutual client Woods Construction Safety Day last week – to a room filled with contractors no less and was AMAZING!! High energy with a very relatable, and timely story about being a Cuban immigrant and growing up in Florida. I highly suggest you seek her out! It’s never too often that someone gives us the skills to deal with difficult people, conversations and situations!" —Rochelle H. Miller, Vice President, THE MCNISH GROUP      

"Ethics and Sexual Harassment programs perfectly matched the needs of the City of Miami Beach. This custom-designed program was presented in a highly practical and interactive format, making Ethics instantly relevant for every participant. Dr. Gurri's dynamic training style kept our staff riveted and wanting for more!'" —Leslie Rosenfeld, PhD, Organizational Development, City of Miami Beach     

Dr. Margarita Gurri has served as a facilitator and consultant on numerous projects for Barry University's ACE Institute for Training and Professional Development. She approaches all clients with enthusiasm, creating vibrant, customized programs that always exceed client expectations. Dr. Gurri excels at putting people at ease, thereby creating an environment where real learning and change." —Susan Kaye, Training Director, Barry University, ACE Institute for Training and Professional Development

"Dr. Margarita Gurri is by far the most dynamic speaker with whom I've had the privilege of working. Her patriotism is unparalleled and her love for our country and those who serve to support it shine through in every aspect of her engagements.  The common sense approach to tackling daily military challenges is inspiring. The feedback we receive from our attendees demonstrates that she is able to connect, relate, and inspire Service members and families alike. The passion for our Military shine through in her presences as well as her presentations!" —Susan Hare, M CIV NAVREG SW RCC, Warrior & Family Support Regional Coordinator        

"If I used all the superlatives I’d like in describing Dr. Margarita Gurri, you would think me extravagant. Truth is, she’s all that and more! A captivating speaker who is smart, engaging, and totally likable, what she embodies most is AUTHENTICITY. Margarita has a heart for warfighters and their families that shines through in every business consult and presentation she delivers. If you’re looking for the REAL DEAL, Margarita is an excellent choice.—Tony Palm, Navy Veteran, President/CEO at Tony Palm & Associates, LLC