Graciousness: A Business Strategy

Who knew that graciousness could lead to success? Our mothers and Shep Hyken!

This weekend, I had the good fortune of hearing Shep Hyken CSP, CPAE speak to the Florida Speaker’s Association. His topic was: Get More Bookings and Sell More Product. What a gracious man. He modeled great customer service for our internal and external customers. Wow!

While so many speakers and business leaders spend their time talking about themselves, Shep Hyken went out of his way to give thanks and credit where credit was due. He honored his mother for insisting he write thank you notes to clients as a boy wonder in the magic business; his father for teaching him about great customer service, calling to follow up after gigs and while on the phone, asking for referrals; and speakers Zig Ziglar, Brian Tracy, and Earl Nightingale as gifted processors. He even highlighted contributions of several members of the FSA audience. How gracious can one be? Shep Hyken sets a new standard.

In our world, this a good habit in terms of mojo and furthering along relationships past, present, and future to invite success via strong human connections. Ooommm…What a lovely concept from a lovely and successful man.

Thanks, Shep Hyken for sharing your experience and wisdom.

Go forth with graciousness on the path to success in all you do!

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