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Archive for December 2013

Gift-giving and the Law of Attraction

So very often gifts become a channel for showing off rather than connecting genuinely. We are tempted to pretend we are doing better than we are or tempted to show off how well we are doing by giving clients and colleagues extravagant gifts. To what end? Spending money unwisely is simply “Gobbling the Marshmallow”  as…

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Business Ethics with Referrals

In tough financial times, its easy for business folk to fall into the habit of taking on every client and project even when they and the client would be best served with a perfect referral. The perfect referral is good for business and the greater good. It builds credibility for our businesses, our reputations, and…

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Cheerios, Dog Hair, and Sand

Looking at my car, I decided that there are three things I always want in my car. For me, these are a sign of happiness, of a life well-lived. What are yours? As a young mother I used to lament my inability to vacuum up all the escaped Cheerios from my daughters’, Jess and Kate’s,…

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Victims, Bullies, and Heroes

With so much talk about bullies these days, I wanted to pose my tilted perspective. It’s so easy to point to this star or that hero and say that she is a bully or that he is a victim. The story is often so much more complicated than that. Besides, aren’t we all tempted to…

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Guilt-free Holiday Excess

Ah, the holidays. I hear so many people talking about losing weight so they can eat more during the holidays in a guilt-free way. Since when did eating become a sin? Oh, right, gluttony. So… does one big night of joyful eating, or two or three, really make for gluttony? I think not. What are the…

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