Slackers and Over-Committers

Have you ever noticed that group projects are completed by only one or two in the group? For which projects are you the one or the silent many? Do you contribute only when others fail or when no one else steps up? Or do you contribute what you can when you can? Do you over-commit? This is a silent way to sabotage ourselves and a project all at the same time.

One way to claim more energy in our lives is to claim our commitments fully or let them go responsibly. In or out. As kids playing Double Dutch jump rope, we all knew that anything other than true commitment rope twirlers resulted in a smart smack in the face with a dirty rope or a trip sending you unceremoniously to your bottom.

So ask yourself? Will you chose to be the one, the silent many, or the rope-smacked slacker? Or will you take on a leadership role, encouraging each in the group to contribute and shine?

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