Holidays are a great time to feel crushed by competing obligations. Ho ho hrmph! What’s a grump to do?

I’d say that Hawaii sounds good, but those of us that live in Florida are already in paradise.

So, its time to take a 15 minute time chunk and do a core brain dump of all obligations, nagging thoughts, and wishes, taking special note of anything we are dreading or avoiding. Looking at this list is any over-loaded individual or procrastinator’s nightmare. It is also the beginning of salvation.

With professional To-Dos on the left-hand column and personal ones on the right, it’s clear why we were in hrmph mode.

The solution? Look at what you really need to do, what can be delegated, putting due dates and anticipated minutes-hours-days-months needed to complete each task. Delegate what you can, eliminate unneeded items, and dive into a practical plan to attack the list in small time chunks on specified days. If you are paralyzed, take a small break and do something fun or funny. If you need sleep, sleep. When in doubt, call in the cavalry. If you are this overwhelmed, I assume you don’t have a personal assistant or need to learn to delegate. Otherwise, we all have a loved one to call upon who is organized and helpful.

Dig in. Fifteen minutes is the answer to your problem!


Thanks, Jess, Kathy, Danny, and Elena!

Happy year’s end and the beginnings of a great New Year 2014.

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