Paperwork and Delegation Skills

Yuck. Paperwork. How often does a piece of paper or virtual document conjure up dread and ire? What’s a winner to do?

Aha! Delegation is the key to my paperwork success. I stink at paperwork. I can read a form and the ink or digital characters just float before my eyes with no meaning.

Yet, my daughter Jess. who runs the Red Shoe, sees clear opportunities and responses.

Being Catholic, I forced myself to complete all paperwork by myself. The combination of torture, guilt, and relief was shared by my accountant as he had to deal with my less-than-perfect renditions of completed forms.

Why is it that successful business folk have such a hard time delegating to others what they hate or struggle with?

Inviting competent bright and talented staff and team mates into our business invites abundance, excellence, and camaraderie. It’s hard to imagine folk that like paperwork and actually understand it, but, I have. They exist.

Red Shoe Ladies Jess Ennis and Kathy Heffner know just how much I appreciate their good-natured efficiency when dispatching odious tasks that would have taken hours for me to complete. My reluctant delegation has allowed our team to move forward in amazing and exciting ways.

What took me so long? What’s holding you up?

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