7 Ways to Sabotage Ourselves

When I procrastinated as a child, fussing over little details, my father, Joseph N. Gurri, M.D., would kiss me on the head and softly say, “Perfection is the enemy of completion.” He was so right. How delicious it is to ponder one little detail while avoiding other less attractive aspects of an unfinished project. In my consulting and coaching practice, I face these very issues with clients and myself. So naturally, when I was avoiding a project, I came up with 7 Ways to Sabotage ourselves. I never said a good procrastination couldn’t be productive!

7 Ways to Sabotage Ourselves

  1. Perfection

  2. Overcommitment

  3. Exhaustion (neglect of play, sleep, connection, laughter)

  4. Avoidance (procrastination)

  5. Arrogance (being unprepared)

  6. Neglect of investment in our craft i.e. neglect of curiosity and ongoing learning

  7. …. never got around to this…

That’s all I have to say. No obsessing today. Perhaps tomorrow…

Go forth and get your work done by deed or delegation so you can play.

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