Business Ethics with Referrals

In tough financial times, its easy for business folk to fall into the habit of taking on every client and project even when they and the client would be best served with a perfect referral.

The perfect referral is good for business and the greater good. It builds credibility for our businesses, our reputations, and trust with our clients and colleagues.

So… Why don’t we refer?

Ego, jealousy, fearfulness, stinginess… The reasons are many. It’s best to have faith in ourselves and in our clients that they recognize what we have to offer without having to take on clients or projects that are outside of our sweet spot of expertise, too much for the targeted time period, or simply not our cup of tea. Being all things to all people is a great way to disappoint others and to reach for great mediocrity.

It’s a sign of abundance and wisdom to make that perfect referral. So, build those relationships, strengthen your business, and reach for the success that you have fostered so thoughtfully.

Refer for success. Who’s on your list?

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