Step Up with Julia Harper: Blame it on Your Brain!

Julia Harper, PhD, MS, OTR/L is a psychologist, life coach & mentor, occupational therapist, business owner, speaker and writer. She is also a mother and wife. She brings all of these roles together to serve her mission of helping all people to live their lives beyond limitations.

How people relate to themselves and to each other, is at the core of her work. Julia is the founder and owner of the TheraPeeds Family Center, a globally recognized company with more than 55 employees. In her practice, she offers the WAY (What About You) method to her clients, which retrains the brain to move beyond emotional and thought limitations. This provides the structure for people to see how they relate to themselves, so they are better able to relate to others in all of the important areas of their lives, which are their Professional, Partnering and Parenting.

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