Ethical Awareness Plan

Ethical leaders in ethical workplaces must be self-aware.

How did you do today?” Thomas Shanks, SJ, PhD, Markkula Center for Applied Ethics offers five questions to foster self-awareness at the end of each day.  Ask yourself:

  1. Did I practice my values?
  2. Did I do more good than harm?
  3. Did I treat others with dignity and respect?
  4. Was I fair and just?
  5. Was my community better because I was in it? Was I better because I was in my

  • Leadership requires practicing new attitudes and skills. It starts with commitment and a plan. Writing it down helps.
  • Write your action plan. Be specific about people and situations, and what actions you will take to handle leadership challenges. Use fake names for the sake of confidentiality.
I am willing to commit to doing the following to support an ethical, efficient, pleasant, successful workplace culture.



















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