Ethics: Reporting an incident

When reporting an incident or supporting a reporter, consider these: 

  • Listen carefully and objectively to their concerns.
  • Acknowledging a complaint does not mean you are validating it. Just listen carefully.
  • Assure them that a process exists to handle these situations and that you will report the concerns if they cannot or will not.
  • Ask them to refrain from discussing the situation with anyone not involved in the reporting procedure.
  • Express appreciation to them for raising the concern.
  • Acknowledge that it was difficult for them.
  • Get help from Human Resources, the Equal Employment Opportunity Officer, or a leader next on the chain of command, if needed.
  • Don’t retaliate against them or anyone else who raises an issue. 


What if a colleague doesn’t want the unethical behavior reported? 

  • Explain the legal requirement to address the problem, even though they prefer to leave it “off the record”.
  • Remind them of their future goals
  • Assure the colleague that action is the only choice for a successful personal and professional life.



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