Ethical Portals: What keeps us honest?

Our Moral Compass is like a beacon that lets sailors know when they are headed in the right direction. Passing with a green beacon on your right indicates a path toward deeper waters. Passing with a red beacon on the right indicates a safe return home to shore.

Red Right Returning is the phrase mariners use to remember this. Being clear about ethics helps with awareness of self, others, and the contexts in which we find ourselves.

Ethical Portals that help us stay safe: Values, Conscience and Promises, Laws and Rules, Honorable Heroes, and Consequences.

Be an Effective Leader.
Show them. Develop them.

“Just do the right thing.” Adopt the habits of the mind, spirit, and behavior that embody right action. Good supervisors and managers help their team members grow by acknowledging success and working calmly with issues to leverage the power of mistakes and conflict. Teachable moments are often wasted in fits of temper, panic, or blame.

Right Action includes:

  • Model ethical excellence
  • Exercise your power thoughtfully
  • Be transparent
  • Give honest feedback
  • Communicate “All for one…”
  • Invite innovation
  • Follow the mission




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