Be a Red Shoe Leader!

Red Shoe Story

The Gurri family left Cuba for American freedom with one suitcase and $5 per person. Mother Beba wore impractical red shoes as a sign of strength. For four-year-old Margarita, those red shoes magically transformed the power of conflict with courage, humor, and grace.

Red Shoe Attitude

Face life’s challenges and joys with accountability and grace. No one can keep you from your obligations, steal your manners, darken your mood, or limit your contributions to the greater good.

Red Shoe Leadership
Curiosity. Empathy. Trust. Conflict Management. Communication.

Regardless of rank and title, Red Shoe leaders speak and act with impact. They are authentic, hard-working, and accountable. Leadership requires Curiosity, Empathy, Trust, Conflict Management, and Communication. Bringing a fresh point of view and remaining curious in challenging times, putting yourself in others’ shoes, and being trustworthy are key. Red Shoe leaders make a difference in how they set the tone and manage challenges.

Facing difficult people, difficult conversations, and difficult situations takes confidence, poise, a keen understanding of reporting processes, and mastery of critical communication competencies. Red Shoe leaders master the skills needed to set limits, facilitate difficult conversations and situations, and inspire across the chain of command. Communication is direct, neutral, and compassionate. Ethics are clearly communicated, established, and reinforced consistently.

  • What leadership skills are really working for you?
  • What skills can you strengthen?