LAUGHBOX Episode 20: Interview with Dr. Margarita Gurri, CSP

 · LAUGHBOX  00:47:18

Sassy? YES! Saucy? YES! Seasoned? Absolutely! Those are the three adjectives I’d always use to describe this week’s guest, Dr. Margarita Gurri. Whether you’re looking for strategies on how to incorporate humor in the workplace or the bedroom (or both…hopefully not simultaneously), Margarita has got the goods. We talk, very candidly, about her roots as a Cuban American and how humor has been an integral part of her life and her practice as a psychologist. Take a load off and listen in!

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Dr. Margarita Gurri is a sassy, seasoned speaker, consulting psychologist, and author with a presentation style that makes even the toughest audiences melt. With a fun, interactive style of communicating she invites audiences to practice key communication skills needed to foster leadership qualities, stress management, and deal with difficult people. Dr. Gurri’s keen insights and practical solutions offer immediate skills with long-term re […]