Suicide Awareness and Prevention

Flags of Honor Escorts Launch of
Flag For 22 Highlights Suicide Awareness

The September 22, 2020 launch of Flag For 22 gives voice to the hidden wounds of the 22 US veterans who succumb to suicide each day.

The goal is to save lives.

We must do better. September 22nd, Flags of Honor Escorts launches FLAG For 22. This flag is named for the 22 US veterans who succumb to silent wounds via suicide each day. The flag launch highlights the need for suicide awareness with the hope of prevention and healing for those whose lives have been touched by suicide.

Act now to show support.

  1. Connect with a veteran or someone who is currently serving.
  2. Post pictures of images of the number 22, such as the traffic sign to the right.
  3. Follow Flag For 22 by joining the Flags of Honor Escort Facebook group.