Solve Your People Problems

Difficult People Are All Around Us
Sometimes it’s us. Sometimes it’s them.

Learn how to manage difficult people before the holidays! Solve Your People Problems. Leverage the power of anxiety, conflict, and missteps.

Especially in difficult times, managing relationships is essential. Increase productivity, creativity, and happiness within your team, organization, and your family. Clients and readers ask, “How do I deal with difficult people?”

How? In the spirit of Thanksgiving-fueled gratitude, I created a live online video workshop to show you how to Deal with Difficult People

  • Tuesday, November 24th, 2-245 pm ET
  • Fee: $25
  • Value of $500, reduce in the spirit of gratitude


  • Identify 6 types of difficult people
  • Understand why they misbehave
  • Learn strategies to deal with them