Add Value: What’s Your Beba Handshake?

In my April Fools’ newsletter I shared how my mother would give us a thoughtful gesture instead of a customary prank.

The Challenge

I challenged folks to create their own Beba Handshake in the sprit of Bob Burg, CPAE’s Go-Giver Mindset by doing a little something for someone. Bob posits that the best way to get business is to listen in order to add great value. How do you add value? What’s your Beba Handshake?

Happily, some folks have shared how they added value. Some have given

  • a much-deserved thank you
  • note of kudos
  • started spring cleaning
  • cooked
  • given employees half-day off
  • shared time, virtual or in-person

What’s your Beba Handshake? Please share.

Stay tuned for more blog articles.


Feel free to share with attribution.

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