Self-Care: May the SCHMET Be with You

Burnout happens in times of crisis, in the face of uncertainty, and stressful demands. Self-care is one solution.

Leaders, client organizations, and front-line employees in business, healthcare, and in the military have taught me the importance of self-care. Stress, depression, anxiety, poor performance, conflict, and suicidal challenges require self-care.

May the SCHMET be with you.
Research, experience, and being a sci-fi geek have led me to create the SCHMET. Space Balls. movie spoof of Star Wars has “May the Schwartz be with you”. I offer you SCHMET as an acronym reminder of six field-tested elements of self-care.

  1. Sleep
    Well-rested leaders think, feel, and act better. Sleeping enough, not too much, and well is critical to our moods, health, and creativity. Having gadget screens close to our faces before sleep is bad sleep hygiene as it interferes with sleepiness.
  2. Compassion
    Compassion for self and others is key to self-care. It facilitates peace of mind and body. Are you too harsh with yourself or others?
  3. Humor & Play
    A bit of fun, laughter, and play goes a long way to refresh the spirit, spark morale, and feel creativity. Taking brief breaks when struggling with deadlines can facilitate productivity and positive outcomes.
  4. Meaning
    What’s your purpose in life? On your team? Life and tasks with meaning contributes to resilience needed for self-care. What can you do to value your meaning in life? DO you diminish this by being perfectionistic?
  5. Exercise
    Get moving. Keep moving, even just a little movement helps. Hate the gym? No worries. Take a walk, dance at home, garden, sweep, or do yoga are just a few things that get us moving. My favorite new app has 3-5 minutes exercises that get us going at home. Easy. Fun.
  6. Touch
    Two kinds of touch exist. Physical touch and emotional or spiritual touch fuel connection. It’s not a multiple-choice option. Both are important.

Go forth and take care of yourself, your team, and your loved ones.

May the SCHMET Be with You!

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