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Be a Red Shoe Leader!

Dr. Margarita Gurri, CSP uses humor to teach leaders, teams, and organizations the communication strategies needed to deal with difficult people, manage conflict, and resolve ethical dilemmas with a Red Shoe Attitude.

What is a Red Shoe Attitude?

Try it! Put on your red shoes and face life's challenges and joys with accountability and grace. Know that no one can keep you from your obligations, steal your manners and good mood, or limit your contributions to the greater good.

Red Shoe Story

When the Gurri family escaped Cuba with one suitcase and $5 per person, mother Beba wore impractical red shoes as a sign of quiet defiance. For four-year-old Margarita, those red shoes magically transformed the power of conflict with courage, humor, and grace.


Dr. Margarita Gurri, CSP is a seasoned consulting psychologist, Certified Speaking Professional, and sassy grandmother. Dr. Red Shoe, as she is affectionately known, has proudly taught entrepreneurial and communication skills to our military and their families with high-content, interactive programs. She has supported our active duty, Reserve, Guard, veterans and their families for thirty-five years. An an expert in misbehavior, Dr. Red Shoe is sought-after for her content-rich fun approach to change.

Red Shoe Team

Jess Ennis, MBA

Jess has built an extensive network of Red Shoe partners, sponsor, and clients with her business savvy, people skills, and sense of humor. Financial growth and staff development are her key strengths.

David Wolf
Media Producer

David extends our global reach. He is a creative director, music composer and produces content for radio, TV, film, podcasts, audiobooks, and multimedia.

Hannah Nottingham
Community Partners

Hannah plans Red Shoe events for our global clients and sponsors. With her eye for detail, she ensures successful programs for business leaders, speakers, and military service members, veterans and their families.

Sarah Best
Continuing Education

Sarah understands continuing education. She is known for her behind-the-scenes strategies that help business leaders and professional speakers gain the confidence and skills needed to make a difference.


Highly practical and interactive… 'Ethics and Sexual Harassment programs perfectly matched the needs of the City of Miami Beach. This custom-designed program was presented in a highly practical and interactive format, making Ethics instantly relevant for every participant. Dr. Gurri's dynamic training style kept our staff riveted and wanting for more!

—Leslie Rosenfeld, Ph.D.,City of Miami Beach, Organizational Development

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