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Check your bias!


As the world scrambles to understand
bias, diversity, and inclusion & its impact
—What ACTIONS can you take NOW?



Awareness Check
Can you spot three sources of potential bias
in this image?

Check Your Bias
Identify and Manage Bias—Conscious and Unconscious

Ethical Workplaces

We all have learned beliefs, expectations, and biases, conscious and unconscious, that limit perception, practices, and behavior. Learn to:

  • Understand diversity, inclusion, and bias
  • Master bias checks for yourself and your team
  • Identify and release limiting beliefs and practices
  • Communicate with respect in any situation
  • Prevent or recover from unintended discrimination
  • Create an Inclusive Environment Plan


Hire Right
Interview Questions and Strategies


The voice of bias says, "We hire who we like, and we like those who look, sound, and think like us." Choose the best person for each job, team, and role.

  • Understand bias in hiring strategies
  • Identify biases in your workplace
  • Find the best person for every job
  • Create a bias-free interview process
  • Practice conducting effective interviews

Foster an Inclusive, Ethical Workplace Culture
For Peak Performance

Team Growth

Make ethical, inclusive workplaces a huge part of your global conversations.

  • Identify your organization's diversity highs and lows
  • Clarify the impact of your ethical foundations and practices
  • Explore strategies that invite diversity of thought, appearance, skill, and background
  • Create an Inclusive Workplace Action Plan for your workplace


Diversity and Innovation
How to Choose Team Members Effectively


Supercharge Innovation— Diversity is key!

  • Harness the power of diversity of thought, skill, and point-of-view
  • Stimulate creativity and broad-mindedness
  • Craft an Innovation Culture Action Plan

Dr. Gurri exemplifies vision, creativity, integrity, brilliance, compassion and competence in every way. I adore her!

—George Castrataro, JD, Entrepreneur