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Why Do We Misbehave?

Misbehaving can be a great source of fun, pain-shame-guilt-blame, or both. Most of us know the right thing to do. In one of my favorite movie scenes from Four Rooms, Antonio Banderas says to his kids, “Don’t Misbehave!” Clearly, the kids immediately devote themselves to misbehaving. Misbehavior So, why do we misbehave? We misbehave for three…

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What are Ethics?

“Just do the right thing.” —Joseph N. Gurri, M.D. My father’s view of ethics was simple, not easy. When the Gurri siblings faced a dilemma, he asked us about what happened. He listened to our story of what happened, what we did, and what we planned to do. Annoyingly, he always asked what us to identify…

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Be a Red Shoe Leader!

Red Shoe Story The Gurri family left Cuba for American freedom with one suitcase and $5 per person. Mother Beba wore impractical red shoes as a sign of strength. For four-year-old Margarita, those red shoes magically transformed the power of conflict with courage, humor, and grace. Red Shoe Attitude Face life’s challenges and joys with accountability and…

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