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Life's too short for difficult people!

Audiences embrace Dr. Red Shoe's high-content humorous, energetic, and interactive approach to the elephant in any room. Understand how to harness the power of conflict with humor and skill. Create that winning edge.  

Red Shoe Leader Program

Manage Conflict. Lead Ethically. Improve Outcomes.

Module 1. Communication Strategies to Deal with Difficult People
Master Communicator Styles that Plague us All

Fun, informative, and culture-changing. This is the most comprehensive module with a focus on communication strategies. It touches on conflict, ethics, and presentations skills as needed by your leaders and teams.

Anticipated Outcomes

  • Understand difficult people
  • Manage disruptive communicator styles
  • Explore the Three Levels of Anger
  • Master the Seven Communication Competencies
  • Create a Red Shoe Leader Action Plan

Module 2. Conflict Management
Deal with Bullies, Heroes, and Victims

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Business, like weddings bring out the best and worst in clients and wedding professionals. Handling the different personalities and stressors is key to your success.

Everyone can be difficult. Sometimes it’s me, sometimes it’s you! Mindsets, anger triggers, communication skills, and a bit of humor to bring out the best in you and your team. Provides a deeper dive into group dynamics and the skills needed to manage conflict for effective workplace cultures.

Anticipated Outcomes

  • Understand why people misbehave
  • Learn how to handle the 6 communication styles
  • Identify common anger triggers
  • Master Polite Shut-Ups©
  • Practice communication strategies to deal with difficult people

Module 3. Ethics in the Workplace
Strategies for Leaders and Teams


Anticipated Outcomes

  • Explore ethical foundations by misbehaving
  • Master the art of difficult conversations when it counts the most
  • Learn strategies to manage the 7 common communication styles
  • Prevent or recover from mis-steps
  • Create an Ethics Action Plan

Are you leading an ethical team? We all assume we are ethical, but do your team’s values align with those of the rest of your organization? We can do better. Why wait for disgrace to act? Strengthen your team, performance outcomes, and bottom line. Reach Beyond the Shame, Blame, and Guilt of #MeToo.

Module 4. Speak with Impact
Grow Your Business by Speaking 

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Anticipated Outcomes

  • Speak with eloquence
  • Hone your key messages
  • Speak to connect listeners with your Ideas
  • Communicate and connect by being authentically you
  • Grow your business with masterful networking

Master the basics of speaking and presenting. Speaking is about impact. How do you influence others?

Module 5. Tango and Stiletto Leadership™
Lead So Others Will Follow

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This program uses the principles of the tango to teach leadership.

Executive presence is about impact, not title. Identify what works and what doesn't in you or your team's leadership style. Learn to set a tone, foster creativity and productivity to improve outcomes.

Anticipated Outcomes

  • Speak to be heard
  • Listen to lead
  • Reduce stress and conflict with humor strategies
  • Create an innovative, profitable, and happy workplace culture

For Business Women, Stiletto Leadership highlights the key communication challenges of women in charge.Communicate like a woman in charge! Avoid the common communication pitfalls of women leaders.

Module 6. Stress and Humor 
Foster an Innovative, Profitable, and Happy Workplace


Workplace stress leads to a declining morale, and decreased productivity and performance. Use humor and communication strategies to create happy teams and loyal clients.

Anticipated Outcomes

  • Identify ways to use humor to revitalize your team
  • Explore humor as a stress management strategy
  • Practice humor as conflict management
  • Create an Action Plan for your workplace

Dr. Gurri is exemplifies vision, creativity, integrity, brilliance, compassion and competence in every way. I adore her!

—George Castrataro, JD, Entrepreneur

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