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Entrepreneurship and Vetrepreneurship

Ethics: Reporting an incident

When reporting an incident or supporting a reporter, consider these:  Listen carefully and objectively to their concerns. Acknowledging a complaint does not mean you are validating it. Just listen carefully. Assure them that a process exists to handle these situations and that you will report the concerns if they cannot or will not. Ask them…

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Ethical Awareness Plan

Ethical leaders in ethical workplaces must be self-aware. “How did you do today?” Thomas Shanks, SJ, PhD, Markkula Center for Applied Ethics offers five questions to foster self-awareness at the end of each day.  Ask yourself: Did I practice my values? Did I do more good than harm? Did I treat others with dignity and respect?…

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Sponsor Entrepreneurship Programs

SPONSOR ENTREPRENEURSHIP PROGRAMS Support successful military transition and resilient family life! Sponsorship can range from financial contributions to in-kind donations of goods and services to helping us put on live and virtual events that teach entrepreneurial skills needed for a successful business. Be on our advisory board, join a panel, be a keynoter or breakout presenter, or help…

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Military Transition

Successful transition for military personnel and their families is a challenge. Whether you are a servicemember, family member, veteran, or a patriot who supports those who serve and support understanding job complications, military family demographics provides a solution for underemployed, underpaid, and unemployed servicemembers and their families. EMPLOYMENT CHALLENGES FOR CIVILIAN CAREERS Military families move every two to three years, ten times more…

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Step Up with Mike Cameron

LOOKING FOR A PROVEN LEADER TO INSPIRE YOUR PEOPLE IN AN ENVIRONMENT OF CHANGE? Michael David Cameron is a Canadian author, entrepreneur, philanthropist and advocate against Gender Based Violence. Cameron is known for his compelling speaking engagements, seminars, and various writing projects. Mike is also the founder and managing partner of Axiom Mortgage, One of Canada’s largest independent brokerage firms.…

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