Why Do We Misbehave?

Misbehaving can be a great source of fun, pain-shame-guilt-blame, or both. Most of us know the right thing to do. In one of my favorite movie scenes from Four Rooms, Antonio Banderas says to his kids, “Don’t Misbehave!” Clearly, the kids immediately devote themselves to misbehaving. Misbehavior So, why do we misbehave? We misbehave for three…

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Ethical Awareness Plan

Ethical leaders in ethical workplaces must be self-aware. “How did you do today?” Thomas Shanks, SJ, PhD, Markkula Center for Applied Ethics offers five questions to foster self-awareness at the end of each day.  Ask yourself: Did I practice my values? Did I do more good than harm? Did I treat others with dignity and respect?…

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Sponsor Entrepreneurship Programs

SPONSOR ENTREPRENEURSHIP PROGRAMS Support successful military transition and resilient family life! Sponsorship can range from financial contributions to in-kind donations of goods and services to helping us put on live and virtual events that teach entrepreneurial skills needed for a successful business. Be on our advisory board, join a panel, be a keynoter or breakout presenter, or help…

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