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An expert in misbehavior, Dr. Red Shoe is sought-after for her
content-rich fun approach to change and crisis.

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The best in any field embrace lifelong learning. Strategic leaders consult coaches to create a steeper learning curve. Risk greatness!

  • Individual—Confidential one-on-one consults provide a safe space to explore what works, what doesn't, and plan for an even brighter future.
  • Small groupup to five people. Group consultation programs focus on key individuals within your organization.
  • Organizationalassess needs and master cultural change strategies for leaders and teams. Organizational consults focus on departments, units, or system-wide solutions.

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I engaged Margarita in some coaching to help me take my business grow to the next level. I can still hear her giving me specific tools and advice that I adhere to on a daily basis. She is great at what she does and brings a passion and a love that is readily apparent. I always recommend Margarita for those looking to grow personally and professionally.

— Ryan Schultz, Improving Financial Futures, One Client at a Time

Crack the Code for Dealing with Difficult People!