Margarita Gurri, PhD, CSP,
is a Misbehavior Expert who solves people problems as a global speaker, licensed psychologist-consultant, and trainer. Known affectionately as Dr. Red Shoe, leaders and teams rely on Dr. Gurri’s insight, humor, and wisdom to update the communication skills needed to de-escalate crises, deal with difficult people, and lead ethically. Programs, books such as Color Me Difficult, and The Rabbi and The Shrink: Everyday Ethics Unscripted podcast offer field-tested strategies for productive, profitable, ethical work; and happy, healthy relationships.


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If I used all the superlatives I’d like in describing Dr. Margarita Gurri, you would think me extravagant. Truth is, she’s all that and more! A captivating speaker who is smart, engaging, and totally likable, what she embodies most is AUTHENTICITY. Margarita has a heart for warfighters and their families that shines through in every business consult and presentation she delivers. If you’re looking for the REAL DEAL, Margarita is an excellent choice.—Tony Palm, Navy Veteran, President/CEO at Tony Palm & Associates, LLC