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Couple chairs

Couple's Agreements

Create agreements and your unique culture, one that suits the two of you: intimacy, fighting, money, family, lifestyle, social life, and spirituality, and fun.

  • Decide on how to manage others, daily life, and your future
  • Establish agreements
  • Learn to fight fairly

Joyful Parenting

Understand each child's temperament, preferences, blessings, quirks, and challenges. Foster their potential.

  • Assess temperaments
  • Create daily joyful rhythms
  • Use chores, other obligations, and play
  • Raise happy, healthy, productive children
Happy Asian Family

Happy Family Life

Make family life wonderful. Create a more fun, loving,

and helpful family life.

  • Listen more, talk more
  • Use play to create competence and confidence
  • Update your family
    culture to be more joyful and productive
  • Plan more fun
  • Create agreements for
    a better life

Playful Loving Couples

Claim the sex life you deserve. Turn frustration and disappointment into a delightful loving partnership.

  • Create the love life you deserve
  • Have more fun
  • Build trust, communication, and skill
  • Improve intimacy, affection, and sex

"What works?
What doesn't?
What can be?"

Margarita is a brilliant genuine warm coach who just "gets it" breaks it down and simplifies it so that everyone is at ease and relieved by the stressors that they came in with and left with tools to work with to cope on their own !!!! We adore her professionally and as a superb person

—Elyse Fried, Licensed Real Estate Professional at Ocean Insiders

Margarita was very informative speaking to parents on the subject of "How to speak to your children about sex" Margarita was able to put the audience at ease and discuss this difficult subject in a very professional manner that was well-received by all. She's is a real jewel!!

—Diane Grant, Author-Speaker, Brave, Strong, and Beautiful