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Suicide Prevention


Flags of Honor Escorts
Flag For 22 highlights Suicide Awareness

It gives voice to the hidden wounds of the
22 US veterans who succumb to suicide each day.

Image: Founder, David "Mac" McElroy
with Heidi "Blue" Hansing and the
Remembrance Flag, August 2020.


Every day, 22 US veterans succumb to suicide.

Globally, according to the World Health Organization:

  • Every 40 seconds, someone succumbs to suicide, this is 800,000 each year
  • For each suicide, 20 more attempt suicide
  • Suicide is the world's second leading cause of death for 15-29-year-olds

We must do better.

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Crisis Preparedness & Response


Difficult People

Difficult people are everywhere.
Sometimes its them.
Sometimes its you.



Ethics & Reputation 

The elephant in any room. It's about what we do, don't do, and what we say to whom, where, when, and how.


Military Teams & Families

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