Ethical Leadership and Communication: Keynotes, Trainings, & Retreats

Ethics—the elephant in any room.

Audiences embrace Dr. Red Shoe's funny, practical, and interactive approach to
ethical leadership and problem-solving.
Prevent and manage mis-steps to
enhance your mission, team effectiveness, and reputation.

Who says ethics trainings can't be fun?

Ethical Leadership and Communication: Keynotes, Trainings, & Retreats

Ethics matter.

Business Ethics:
Ethical Foundations


Ethics are everywhere. Create a more vibrant workplace culture in which ethical conduct is clear is embraced. Check off that box for an ethics training while having fun with a content-rich, interactive, program.

  • Identify Ethical Foundations
  • Understand Why People Misbehave
  • List Ethical Portals
  • Say, "NO" with Tact
  • Practice Ethical Workplace Scenarios

Ethics in the Workplace:
Strategies for Leaders and Teams


Are you leading an ethical team? We all assume we are ethical but do your team’s values align with those of the rest of your organization? We can do better. Why wait for disgrace to act? Strengthen your team, performance outcomes, and bottom line. Reach Beyond the Shame, Blame, and Guilt of #MeToo.

  • Identify your ethical foundations
  • Explore ethical communication strategies
  • Practice how to prevent or recover from ethical mis-steps
  • Create an Ethical Workplace Culture Action Plan

Stress and Humor:
Foster an Innovative, Profitable, and Happy Workplace

  • Identify ways to use humor to revitalize your team
  • Explore humor as a stress management strategy
  • Practice humor as conflict management
  • Create an Action Plan for your workplace

Happiness, humor, and success are great partners. Workplace stress leads to a declining morale, and decreased productivity and performance. Use humor and communication strategies to create happy teams and loyal clients.

Dr. Gurri is exemplifies vision, creativity, integrity, brilliance, compassion and competence in every way. I adore her!

—George Castrataro, JD, Entrepreneur

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