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For Leaders

Executive Advising provides leaders with neutral measured input; as they face manage change, conflict, and growth. Clarify what works and what doesn't, manage change and crisis, explore your leadership style, update communication skills and flow, identify individuals and resources essential for success, and improve productivity.


When You Need It Most

Success requires acceptance and effective response to crisis and change. Time-sensitive issues require calm assessment and intervention to face and resolve conflict, reputation dings, ethical and legal dilemmas. Grow with change. Get your leaders, teams, and organization back on track and to the next level.

Ethical Workplaces

For Organizations

When something's not right or when you want to get to the next level. Assess, innovate, and implement strategies for leaders and teams. Update action plans, culture, and skill levels to enhance performance and profits with an ethical, inclusive, diverse workplace culture.

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When reputations & futures are on the line.
Field-tested strategies for leaders, teams, & families

I engaged Margarita in some coaching to help me take my business grow to the next level. I can still hear her giving me specific tools and advice that I adhere to on a daily basis. She is great at what she does and brings a passion and a love that is readily apparent. I always recommend Margarita for those looking to grow personally and professionally.

— Ryan Schultz, Improving Financial Futures, One Client at a Time