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Full Moon Workshops

Why Full Moon?

No matter how far apart you are from your loved ones, the full moon is shared. The series is usually scheduled on the Tuesday of the week in most months that fell on the full moon.

Register for one or all available programs. Most full moon Tuesdays, Dr. Red Shoe offers free webinars and master classes to military servicemembers, vets, and their families. Sometimes, courses are offered on other days.

Free for whom?
Courses are free for warriors, vets, and their families.

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Free Full Moon Workshops!
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Red Shoe Leader- Super Dog

Course 1. Resume
Create a Memorable Civilian Resume. Civilianize your resume to get the job. When you register, attach your resume to get more out of the course. Federal resumes are a different beast and not a part of this course.

Course 2. Relationships
Defend Your Military Relationships. Military life poses challenges with deployment, schedule, zip code changes. Strategies for couples, families, parents, and friends are explored.

Course 3. Difficult People
Deal with Difficult People. Difficult people are everywhere. Sometimes its them. Sometimes its us. Identify six difficult communicator characters and learn to be a Red Shoe Leader. Bring out the best in everyone.