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Dr. Margarita Gurri, CSP
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Dr. Red Shoe's Story

You deserve happiness.

Margarita Gurri, PhD, CSP—Misbehavior Expert solves people problems.

As a refugee from Cuba, Dr. Red Shoe noticed that how we think, feel, and act matters.

Happiness is a choice. It cannot be a goal. It is the byproduct of making good choices which honor our values and our sense of mission in life.

Why the Red Shoes? When the Gurri family fled communist Cuba for the USA, they were allowed only one suitcase for the family.  Mother Beba wore fashionable red shoes, leaving as she lived, her way. For four-year-old Margarita, those red shoes magically transformed the power of conflict with courage, humor, and grace.

Credentials. Dr. Gurri is a Certified Virtual Event Professional, Certified Virtual Presenter, licensed psychologist, Community Emergency Response Team member, and a Certified Speaking Professional™, a designation earned by seventeen percent of speakers globally.

Author of Color Me Difficult, True North for Military Moms, True North for Military Couples, The Ethical Speaker, Trilogy of Anger,
La Trilogia de la Ira, Anglican Prayer Beads
, and co-author of The Happiness Recipe.

Podcast Host. The Rabbi and The Shrink: Everyday Ethics Unscripted with cohost Rabbi Yonason Goldson.

Flying From DTW, Detroit, MI, United States

Chef Duane serves as cohost for the Healthy Happy Yummy Podcast episodes that deal with health and yumminess.

Dr. Red Shoe and Chef Duane met on stage when speaking to medical professionals. Chef experienced a chronic kidney disease journey and Dr. Red Shoe lost a friend in middle school due to a similar health crisis. A team was born with the mission of helping others live a Healthy Happy Yummy life.

Live to eat, or eat to live? Our mission is to support everyone in doing both.

Chef Duane's Story

From Medication to Complete Remission 

For Chef Duane, food is medicine. A plant-based diet saved his life.

Chef Duane's journey started unexpectedly with feeling unwell, receiving a diagnosis of chronic kidney disease CKD journey, to living a healthy life.

Three secrets.

  1. Plant-based foods
  2. Kidney-savvy health care team
  3. Updated chef skills

Chef Duane has proven that we can live healthy, happy, and yummy lives with a few changes in mindset, cooking practices., and eating habits. His mission is to help patients one recipe at a time. We truly are what we eat.

Credentials. Chef, Instructor at Spokane Community College Spokane Community College, and consultant to Spiceology. He a culinary arts instructor at the Inland Northwest Culinary Academy at Spokane Community College and does cooking presentations globally.

Projects. One Diet Change: Duane Sunwold at TEDxCCS
Dec 2013 and Kidney Kitchen, Jan 2011.

Flying from GEG, Spokane, WA, United States

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Chef Duane Sunwold

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