Keynotes and Consulting Programs

Every leader needs a Red Shoe attitude.

Anticipated Outcomes
Dr Red Shoe delivers high-content programs with a healthy injection of laughter and humor.

  • Understand what holds you back
  • Avoid crisis and conflict
  • Communicate effectively
  • Create workable solutions

People, Ethics, and Communication Strategies

Just about all of the problems we face in business can be traced back to one of these!

Dr. Red Shoe works with businesses, military personnel and their family, and speakers understand what holds you back and create workable solutions via keynotes and consulting programs . Keynotes and Consults offer BusinessMilitary, and Speakers  that cutting edge.


People, Ethics, and Communication Strategies for Business Leaders


Transition Strategies for Warriors, Veterans, and their Families


Presentation Skills for Business Leaders and Speakers

Dr. Margarita Gurri is a consummate professional who brings deep thinking, delightful humor, and authenticity to everything she does whether she's speaking, coaching, problem-solving or writing. I've worked on numerous projects and participated in various brainstorming and mastermind groups with Dr. Gurri focused on ethics, marketing, problem-solving, and communication. I cannot recommend ANYONE more confidently and enthusiastically.

—Susan Brender, Communications Expert and Host of “The Susan Brender Show”

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