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Manage Crisis.
Strategic Leadership Strategies

In times of crisis, everyone is paying attention. Some hide, some cause trouble, others lead for growth. Usher your team and organization to greater heights in the face of stressful and difficult times. A bit of humor, key communication strategies, and strategic leadership save the day.

Red Shoe Leader Programs

Deal with Difficult People. Turn Crisis in Opportunity. Lead Ethically.

Prepare for Crisis; Prepare for Success!
Master Crisis to Grow Your Business

  • Assess risks to your business
  • Identify common mistakes in crisis response
  • Build your emergency kit
  • Created your resilience plan
  • Train your team

Ready for disaster? Successful businesses are ready for just about anything: natural disasters and human-made crisis. Know your business risks, create a simple plan, and get ready for success.


Turn Crisis into Opportunity
Thrive with Mis-steps, Conflict, and Risked Reputations

  • Identify strategic leadership steps—now that everyone is paying attention
  • Assess damages, opportunities, and resources
  • Harness the power of fear, embarrassment, shame, and cover-ups
  • Explore the Three Levels of Anger
  • Create a Red Shoe Leader Plan

As the saying goes, "Lead, follow, or get out the way!"

Resolve Conflicts that Plague Us All
Communication Strategies

  • Understand difficult people
  • Manage disruptive communicator styles
  • Explore the Three Levels of Anger
  • Master the Seven Communication Competencies
  • Create a Red Shoe Leader Action Plan

Fun, informative, and culture-changing. This is the most comprehensive module with a focus on communication strategies. It touches on conflict, ethics, and presentations skills as needed by your leaders and teams.


Speak to Impact
Grow Your Business by Speaking 

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  • Speak with eloquence
  • Hone your key messages
  • Speak to connect listeners with your Ideas
  • Communicate and connect by being authentically you
  • Grow your business with masterful networking

Master the basics of speaking and presenting. Speaking is about impact.
How do you influence others?

Tango and Stiletto Leadership™
Lead So Others Will Follow

tango legs red
  • Understand what nonverbal cues you send off
  • Speak to be heard
  • Listen to lead
  • Practice leadership communication strategies
  • Create an innovative, profitable, and happy workplace culture

Use the principles of the Tango to lead. Stiletto Leadership highlights key communication challenges of women in charge. Avoid common communication pitfalls.

Dr. Gurri is exemplifies vision, creativity, integrity, brilliance, compassion and competence in every way. I adore her!

—George Castrataro, JD, Entrepreneur

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