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Mastermind goddesses Dec 22 2020

Virtual Events

Hybrid Panel, Detroit Chamber 2019
Hybrid Panel, Detroit Chamber 2019

Hybrid Events

Onsite Interview with Barry Banther, CSP, 2019
Onsite Interview with Barry Banther, CSP, 2019

OnSite Events

Why Hire a Virtual

 Virtual | OnSite | Hybrid Events

A seasoned host, facilitator, or master of ceremonies or emcee or MC is essential. An emcee sets the tone
for your meeting or event, introduces the speakers, keeps the audience engaged, and keeps things moving along... on schedule. 

"Dr. Red Shoe made our conference
interactive and memorable!"
—Happy Dr. Red Shoe Client


A Seasoned Host, Facilitator, or MC

Sets the tone, engages the audience, & keeps things moving on schedule

Preparation | Professionalism | On-the-Spot Humor


 Certified Speaking Professional | Certified Virtual Presenter | Certified Virtual Event Professional Licensed Psychologist

What to Expect from
Dr. Red Shoe
for your event

Preparation | Professionalism | On-the-Spot Humor

     Before the Event

  • Advise the planning team as they put their brand-consistent vision into place
  • Contribute to the timeline
  • Interview speakers to enhance comfort and create a personalized introduction
  • Coach speakers in mastering platform skills, technology, and flow of their portion of the event to make sure they shine
  • Check the technology the day before

   Day-of the Event

  • Arrive early for a tech check, room check, and team check
  • Rally the team as they set up for the event
  • Pitch in as needed
  • Be ready with local, seasonal, national, global, and company-specific news and fun tidbits


    During the Event

  • Set the tone for an engaging, brand-consistent event
  • Introduce dignitaries and speakers
  • Add personalized commentary
  • Smooth out any blips with grace and humor
  • Keep the program moving on time and on topic
  • Close the event with key takeaways


     After the Event

  • Contribute to the after-action review or debrief
  • Help the team with follow-up actions and connections
  • Join the planning team for the next event