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Mental Health is a Complicated Thing

It requires sensitivity, awareness, and skill. Reclaim creativity, meaning, and happiness for yourself and your workforce with coaching and training. Boost productivity, engagement, and the bottom line.

Science and Practice

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Happiness can be illusive. It cannot be a goal. It is the byproduct of making good choices that honor our values, unique needs, and purpose.

  • Understand science of happiness and brain health
  • Identify barriers to happiness
  • Sculpt habits and minsets that foster happiness
  • Update and practice your happiness habits and skills

Wonder, Humor, & Other Antidotes to Misery
Mindsets and Actions


You can create your happiness and success. Explore mindsets and strategies that foster satisfaction, productivity, and creativity.

  • Learn to use misery to invite clarity and energize positive action
  • Explore humor and play as stress-reduction strategies
  • Understand barriers to mindfulness
  • Practice setting limits with yourself and others
  • Cultivate a culture of wonder

Banish Burnout
Lead Through Crisis


Ethics, happiness, humor, and success are great partners. Workplace stress leads to declining morale and decreased productivity and performance. Use humor and communication strategies to create happy teams and loyal clients.

  • Identify ways to use humor to revitalize your team
  • Learn the science of humor and stress
  • Practice humor as conflict management
  • Create an Action Plan for your workplace

Suicide Awareness, Prevention, and Healing
Perspective, Humor, and Meaning are Key


You can make a difference. Notice, listen, and know what to do,

Perspective and a bit of humor are key in the face of uncertainly during the COVID-19 pandemic and any other disruption in our professional and personal lives—depression, anxiety, and suicide struggles are realities that require skill and compassion.

  • Notice the signs
  • Practice what to say and do
  • Know available resources day and night
  • Manage the flow of communication
  • Create a culture of Open Discussion

Support Your Team
Lead Virtually & Onsite


Learn to what it takes to supervise and lead a virtual, hybrid, or onsite workforce.  From any zip code:

  • Develop your team
  • Practice supervision and team building strategies
  • Invite engagement and teamwork
  • Support an effective productive workforce

Speak So They Follow
Core Communication Competencies


Inspire, lead ethically, and speak to connect with your team, clients, and loved ones. This fun, informative, and culture-changing program focuses on communication strategies.

  • Understand the Seven Core Communication Competencies
  • Explore the Three Levels of Anger
  • Practice leadership communication strategies
  • Create a Communication Action Plan

Lead So They Follow
Listen, Understand, & Set the tone


Leadership requires effective communication, refreshed mindsets, and skills. Start with empathy, commitment, and a strong plan.

  • Learn to listen to different types of communicators
  • Understand the seven core communication competencies
  • Practice strategies to set limits
  • Create a Leadership Communication Action Plan

Grow Your Confidence & Business by Speaking
Speak to Impact


Master the basics of speaking and presenting. Speaking is about impact. How do you influence others?

  • Speak with eloquence
  • Hone your key messages
  • Speak to connect listeners with your Ideas
  • Grow your business with masterful networking

Dr. Margarita Gurri is a consummate professional who brings deep thinking, delightful humor, and authenticity to everything she does whether she's speaking, coaching, problem-solving or writing. I've worked on numerous projects and participated in various brainstorming and mastermind groups with Dr. Gurri focused on ethics, marketing, problem-solving, and communication. I cannot recommend ANYONE more confidently and enthusiastically.—Susan Brender, Communications Expert and Host of “The Susan Brender Show”