Military: Keynotes, Consults, and Training Programs

What's the price of freedom? Military families.

Warriors and military families face deployment and transition challenges that affect employment, family life, and relationships. Red Shoe programs offer solutions via fun, interactive, and content-rich keynotes, workshops, consults, emceeing, and podcasts.

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Full Moon Tuesdays Workshops
Free for Military Families and Teams

  • Nail that job interview! Create a Focused Civilian Resume
  • Military Relationships: Open Discussion
  • Deal with Difficult People Online Webinar

Red Shoe Leader Programs

For Military Teams, Families, and Kids

Formats. Keynotes and live or virtual training programs address individuals, small groups, and organizations.
They range from forty-five minutes to two-day workshops and retreats.

Dr. Gurri’s workshop transformed into a positive, open, and most importantly, safe place that encourages communication and sharing of ideas.

—Anonymous leader, National Guard

Communication Competencies
Deal with Difficult People, Manage Crisis, and Lead Ethically

            National Guard manages crisis
National Guard manages crisis
  • Understand difficult people
  • Harness the power of conflict with humor
  • Manage disruptive communication styles
  • Run effective meetings
  • Explore ethical foundations by misbehaving
  • Turn crisis into opportunity
  • Speak so it matters when you need it most

Military leaders, teams, and families face challenges not experienced by the civilian community. Transition, deployment separations, risk of loss. those who serve in the National Guard and Reserves face additional stressors of switching between deployment and civilian jobs.

Color Me Difficult
Manage Tempers, Tears, and Drama

Front Cover ColorMeDifficult
  • Be a Red Shoe Leader
  • Understand 6 difficult communicator styles
  • Harness the power of conflict with humor
  • Bring out the best in each team member
  • Explore ethical foundations by misbehaving

This fun, fast-paced program invites participants to step into the role of 6 disruptive communicator styles to practice being a Red Shoe Leader. With empathy and humor, we brainstorm strategies to bring out the best in each character. Participants leave with mindsets and strategies they can use right away.

Goal.  The goal of this two-day program is to leverage the energy created by change, stress, ethical dilemmas, and conflict to enhance leadership and team communication.

How? We will examine and develop the attitudes we adopt in times of change, stress, conflict and reinforce skills needed to deliver results as extraordinary leaders and teams.

Purple Up! We've Got Your Six
Happiness, the Brain, and Suicide Prevention

Unleash your Superpowers!
Unleash your Superpowers!
  • Understand brain research on happiness and stress
  • Explore strategies to prevent suicide
  • Learn ways to re-set mindsets and the brain
  • Invite new adventure as a resilience strategy
  • Practice what to say and do when it counts most

The title is borrowed, with permission, from a youth program by that time. This program is most often requested as part of an event's luncheon or dinner program. It sets the tone for warriors and their families to address this difficult topic in a safe environment. Teens are welcome!

Playful Loving
For Couples and Singles 

Horatio Treger, Tango Guru
Horatio Treger, Tango Master
  • Enhance your love life
  • Learn from the latest sex research
  • Explore what gets in the way of playful loving
  • Embrace tips shared by lovers
  • Erect a Playful Loving Plan

Military life can play havoc with your love life. Invite happiness, strengthen bonds, say yes and no more comfortably, enhance your love life, and giggle into orgasm. This important topic presented in a fun, PG-rated way. It's most popular as luncheon or closing keynote.

Thrive Throughout Deployment

  • Thrive Throughout Military Deployment: Tale of Two Heroes
  • Share Remote Syncing Strategies: Strengthen Bonds from Afar
  • Explore Wartime Moral Injury
  • See through the Eyes of a Military Kids’ Expert Panel

Warriors and their families face emotional and logistical challenges of deployment transitions, separation, and re-entry into civilian life.

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  • Live and virtual programs for active duty, Reserve,
    National Guard, 
    veterans, and their families

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Military Family Boot Camp
Entrepreneurs, Vetrepreneurs, and their Families

  • Apply your Military Skills and Training to Grow Your Business
  • Think like a General, Plan Your Winning Business Strategy
  • Launch Your Next Campaign, Market Like a Pro
  • Recruit Your Ops Team
  • Mobilize Your Leadership Communication Skills
  • Civilianize Your Resume

Learn the skills you need to start and grow your business.

Dr. Margarita Gurri is by far the most dynamic speaker I have had the privilege of working with. Her patriotism is unparalleled and her love for our country and those who serve to support it shine through in every aspect of her engagements. The common-sense approach to tackling daily military challenges is inspiring. The feedback we receive from our attendees demonstrates that connects, relates, and inspires service members and families alike. The passion for our Military shine through in her presences as well as her presentations!

—Susan Hare, Warrior & Family Support Regional Coordinator

Crack the Code for Dealing with Difficult People!