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Lead so they follow
Manage Six Difficult Communication Styles

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Reduce stress, increase productivity, and bring out the best in your team.

Understand six styles of difficult people

  • Harness the power of conflict with humor
  • Learn by misbehaving as difficult people
  • Create a Red Shoe Leader Action Plan

Leadership requires practicing new mindsets and skills. Start with empathy, commitment, and a plan.

Purple Up!
Suicide Awareness, Prevention, & Healing

With more frequent deployments, less time between them, and more transitions—depression and suicide struggles are realities that need skill and compassion to address effectively.

  • Notice the signs
  • Practice what to say and do
  • Know available resources day and night
  • Manage the flow of communication
  • Create an Open Discussion culture plan

*Military kids with the South Dakota National Guard suggested the title of Purple Up. Normally, it's a slogan and color used to celebrate military kids. They generously offered this title and suggested the color purple, as it represents all branches of the military.

Run Effective Virtual Meetings
Bring Out the Best in Each Team Member


Life's too short for boring meetings that accomplish little.

  • Master the video and audio of remote technologies
  • Engage your team before, during, and after meetings
  • Cultivate a culture of risk for exploring new ideas
  • Manage the flow of communication in times of crisis
  • Deal with disruptive communicator styles
  • Practice strategies for running an effective virtual meeting


Leadership Communication
Manage Tears, Tempers, and Drama



  • Be a Red Shoe Leader
  • Master seven communication competencies
  • Bring out the best in each team member
  • Explore ethical foundations by misbehaving

Step into the role of 6 disruptive communicator styles with empathy to brainstorm strategies to bring out their best. Practice the mindsets and skills of a Red Shoe Leader.

Manage Conflict
Deal with Bullies, Heroes, and Victims

Bride zilla
  • Understand why people misbehave
  • Identify common anger triggers
  • Master Polite Shut-Ups©
  • Practice the Three Levels of Anger communication strategies

Business stress can bring out the worst in the best of us. Handling the different personalities and stressors is key to your success. Mindsets, anger triggers, communication skills, and a bit of humor to bring out the best in you and your team. Provides a deeper dive into group dynamics.

Dr. Margarita Gurri is a consummate professional who brings deep thinking, delightful humor, and authenticity to everything she does whether she's speaking, coaching, problem-solving or writing. I've worked on numerous projects and participated in various brainstorming and mastermind groups with Dr. Gurri focused on ethics, marketing, problem-solving, and communication. I cannot recommend ANYONE more confidently and enthusiastically.

—Susan Brender, Communications Expert and Host of “The Susan Brender Show”