2022 Davey Silver Award
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A DR RED SHOE podcast working to
Elevate Critical
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2022 Davey Awards, Silver Award for Best Podcast Co-hosts

The largest and most prestigious awards competition exclusively for the “Davids” of creativity. David defeated the giant Goliath with a big idea and a little rock – the sort of thing small agencies do each year. The annual International Davey Awards honors the achievements of the “Creative Davids” who derive their strength from big ideas, rather than stratospheric budgets.

The Giants Behind the Davey
The Davey Awards may be for smaller companies, but the judges have big reputations. The Davey is sanctioned and judged by the Academy of Interactive and Visual Arts, an invitation-only body consisting of top-tier professionals from a “Who’s Who” of acclaimed media, advertising, and marketing firms.

AIVA members include executives from organizations such as Condé Nast, Disney, GE, Keller Crescent, Microsoft, Monster.com, MTV, Push., Publicis, Sesame Workshops, The Marketing Store, Worktank and Yahoo! and many more.

*Source: DaveyAwards.com

Q: What do you get when you cross an Orthodox hitchhiking rabbi and a Cuban Catholic psychologist?
A: An unpredictable conversation about everyday ethics and the secrets for successful relationships in business, family, and community brought to you by DR RED SHOE.

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BONUS: You never know when a guest expert joins our lively conversations about everyday ethics.

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Refreshing, Positive, & Upbeat

It’s so lovely to come across a podcast that focuses on such positive themes. The rabbi & the shrink have such synergy. I loved the discussion with their guest because you felt you were sitting in on a delightful and personable conversation.
Gillian Whitney, 07/16/2021, Apple Podcasts Preview

Looking for wise, humorous & provocative? This is it.

A worthy drop in to regain lost connections with ideas and hope.
A History of Pandemics, 06/04/2021, Apple Podcasts Preview

The Rabbi & The Shrink

Creative, stimulating, practical, down to earth. Lending hope in a world of chaos.
Welldressed 007, 06/03/2021, Apple Podcasts Preview

Intellectually Stimulating and Emotionally Fulfilling

Such an amazing dynamic between the two hosts, bring forward topics and perspectives not often discussed. This is time well spent as it leads down a path of expanding your awareness on important topics and getting you to think differently about how you lead your ethical life. 
dropinceo, 05/29/2021, Apple Podcasts Preview

The best!

What a podcast! Both hosts bring their brilliant perspective while covering a fascinating mix of topics. Love tuning in every episode. 
Max Branding, 05/27/2021, Apple Podcasts Preview

Engaging and insightful!

In a sea of podcasts from which we can choose, finding a refreshing perspective is key! 
Henncoop, 05/27/2021, Apple Podcasts Preview

Shaking things up!

What a great mix of perspectives! A MUST listen! 🤙🔥💪
ask4ferguson, 05/27/2021, Apple Podcasts Preview


Intriguing perspectives that you won’t find anywhere else. 
Linda Marko, 05/27/2021, Apple Podcasts Preview



Rarely do we encounter such a rare combination of talent coupled with an unending stream of “wisdom of the ages” … 
Rare and Remarkable, 05/27/2021, Apple Podcasts Preview

Two diverse and genuine perspectives

Interesting, informative and thought-inspiring. 
BK1T, 05/21/2021, Apple Podcasts Preview


READY to . . .
Make more money | Feel more satisfied | Grow your reach?
The answer is ETHICS.

Guest Jason Feifer,
Editor-in-Chief, Entrepreneur Magazine.

Guest Julie Hruska, named one of the
50 Most Impactful People on LinkedIn.

Guest Daryl Davis, Grammy Award
winning pianist &
race relations expert.


The Rabbi and The Shrink Grapple with the Ethical Grays

Join The Rabbi and The Shrink as we confront dilemmas that challenge speakers’ values and integrity in this lively, interactive program. Rethink strategies essential to navigate obvious and unexpected ethical landmines.
Revitalize your professional ethics and practices. Explore what to say to whom, where, when, and how as we promote a vibrant, judgment-free, and ethical workplace culture.


Three common challenges spark candid conversation, followed by discussion topics solicited from participants.

  • When does self-censoring become ethical compromise?
  • How do we respond to ethical missteps toward ourselves and others?
  • How do we negotiate the slippery slope of delicious humor?


  1. Identify ethical conflicts specific to speakers
  2. Evaluate the wisdom of and context for self-censoring
  3. Examine diplomatic solutions for addressing thorny topics
  4. Manage the tension between ethical expectations for ourselves and for others
  5. Develop strategies to diffuse conflicts before they happen


Ethics are complicated as business environments continuously change. It’s not enough to know what is ethical; we must prepare ourselves to face real-life challenges. Frank discussion and civil debate foster clarity in values, issues, and solutions that may save a contract, a conference, and the reputation of all parties. Update your mindset and skills as we explore effective communication strategies.


  1. Clarify your core values
  2. Define your personal code of ethical behavior
  3. Rehearse uncomfortable conversations with advisors, colleagues, clients, and vendors
  4. Anticipate potential points of conflict
  5. Design and implement ethical speaking practices

Dr. Margarita Gurri, CSP, aka Dr. Red Shoe, is a global speaker, licensed psychologist, misbehavior expert, and author. She works with leaders and teams to solve people problems to bring out the best in everyone throughout conflict, crisis, and ethical challenges.

Rabbi Yonason Goldson, aka the Ethics Ninja, works with business leaders to create a culture of ethics, setting higher standards to limit liability while earning loyalty and trust. His writing, videos, and programs apply ancient wisdom to the challenges of the modern world.

Together, they host The Rabbi and the Shrink: Everyday Ethics Unscripted, a weekly podcast that elevates critical thinking, promotes civil conversation, and inspires right action.


Host Dr. Margarita Gurri, CSP
+1-954-609-9904 ET

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