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Course: Deal With Difficult People

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Stuck at home stressed at work, or both? Tears, temper, and drama getting to you? Tears, temper, and drama getting to you? Manage them with grace and humor.

The course is offered weekly for six weeks via 90-minute Zoom videoconferences. Objectives:

1. Identify six types of difficult people

2. Learn the mindsets

3. Practice the skills needed to deal with them as a leader with grace, skill, and humor

Cartoon characters serve as avatars for aggressive, passive, passive-aggressive, and assertive communicators.

  • Aggressive: Diva Peacock and Pirate Warthog Bull
  • Passive: Camo Groundhog,
  • Passive-Aggressive: Eye-rolling Canary,  Laughing Hyena, and the Pink Fluffy Biting Bunny
  • Assertive: Red Shoe Leader Superdog

1:1 Weekly calls or video chats are available as an add-on to help participants apply strategies to their own lives at home, at work, and in the community.