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Schedule for Your Team—Dealing with Difficult People 5-Week Series for Teams & Organizations


Welcome to the 5-Week Series:
Deal with Difficult People, Situations, and Conversations

So…How did your holidays go? Start the new year strong.

Understand difficult people. Bring out the best in everyone. Strategic empathy is key.
Especially in difficult times, managing relationships is essential. Increase productivity, creativity, and happiness within your team, organization, and your family.


Workshop Series for 5 weeks total
Investment: @$7500 per team for the series 
Day: TBD for an hour each of 5 weeks


Week 1: Six difficult people avatars
Week 2: Three levels of anger
Week 3: Polite shut-ups
Week 4: Power-ups
Mar 23, Week 5: Practice strategies
Ask about pricing for programs for you, your team, or organization.


Identify 6 types of difficult people
Understand why they misbehave
Learn strategies to deal with them
Practice strategies to bring out the best in anyone


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