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Workshop: Deal with Difficult People—January 12, 2021



Difficult People are all Around Us
Sometimes it’s us. Sometimes it’s them.

Understand difficult people. Bring out the best in everyone. Strategic empathy is key.
Especially in difficult times, managing relationships is essential. Increase productivity, creativity, and happiness within your team, organization, and your family.

Workshop @$25 per person: Tuesday, at 2-245 pm ET
Plus Elective Follow-up Workshop Open Discussion @$25 per person: 3-345 pm ET, group coaching for up to 25 participants immediately after the workshop
Bonus 1:1 Individual Coaching hour at a time that works for you@$100
The combined value is  worth over $500 for only $150

Identify 6 types of difficult people
Understand why they misbehave
Learn strategies to deal with them