Red Shoe Team

Red Shoe Team

Red Shoe Team

Jess Ennis, MBA

Jess has built an extensive network of Red Shoe partners, sponsors, and clients with her business savvy, people skills, and sense of humor.

Claire Levis
Social Media Guru

Claire has a knack for knowing what to say, to whom, when, and how. Gifted with wit, words, video editing, common sense, and artistic taste, Claire creates a global buzz.

Jennifer Elder, CPA, CSP
Speaking Partner

Jennifer is a seasoned consultant and speaker who helps leaders and organizations assess, innovate, and implement strategic solutions for business success.

Partnered with Dr. Red Shoe, the Disaster Divas, offer solutions for the preparation, response, and the aftermath of disasters.


Carlos Jimenez
Freelance Cartoonist

Carlos is cherished as the creator of Dr. Red Shoe’s growing cast of characters. His humor and artistic gifts bring Dr. Red Shoe’s characters to life.


Red Shoe Team

Red Shoe Team

Highly practical and interactive… 'Ethics and Sexual Harassment programs perfectly matched the needs of the City of Miami Beach. This custom-designed program was presented in a highly practical and interactive format, making Ethics instantly relevant for every participant. Dr. Gurri's dynamic training style kept our staff riveted and wanting for more!

—Leslie Rosenfeld, Ph.D.,City of Miami Beach, Organizational Development

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