Presentation Skills Programs

Captivate your audience, hone your message, and polish your speaking to grow your business.

Customized keynotes, consultations, and coaching programs serve your audience and industry. Live and virtual programs range from forty-five minutes to weekend retreats. Dr. Red Shoe addresses your challenges with people, communication, and ethics.

Leaders and Speakers!

Are you a leader who speaks to clients... or a speaker who wants to improve your presentation skills?
Dr. Red Shoe has a program for you.

Programs for Speakers

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Transform your Calendar with
Dr. Red Shoe Repeat Business Generators!

Anticipated Outcomes
Create repeat and new business ...

Once you have the gig
The day of
Immediately after

Get Booked to Speak!
Grow Your Speaking Business

Use your quirks, strengths, and passions to connect authentically with audiences of any size.

Speak with eloquence to connect
Captivate any audience
Manage your audience: before, during, and after an event
Create an engaging keynote presentation or training
Speak ethically

Programs for Business Leaders

Post deployers attended the Yellow Ribbon Reintegration Program held at the Wyndham Orlando Resort in Florida, 17-18 September, 2016. Yellow Ribbon helps military members reconnect with spouse and family in a relaxed environment, and learn more about the benefits and programs they are entitled to.  (U.S. Air National Guard photo by Staff Sgt. Carlynne DeVine)

Grow Your Business by Speaking

Anticipated Outcomes

  • Speak with eloquence
  • Hone your key messages
  • Speak to connect listeners with your Ideas
  • Communicate and connect by being authentically you
  • Grow your business with masterful networking

Master the basics of speaking and presenting. Speaking is about impact. How do you influence others?

Margarita is an exceptional speaker, consultant, author, and psychologist who informs and educates others with humor and laughter. She is a most delightful lady and a champion to help others improve their skills and find their meaning in life. It is a joy and honor to be associated with her and be a colleague.

— Rose K. Gantner, EdD, CEO, Well Works Publishing and Consulting

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