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Connect Your Brand to the
$15 Billion Market of Military Families!

Dr. Gurri’s workshop transformed into a positive, open, and most importantly, safe place that encourages communication and sharing of ideas.

—Anonymous leader, National Guard

Military Family Boot Camps

For Entrepreneurs, Vetrepreneurs, and their Families

Reinforce your mission;
support those who serve.

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Leaders and Teams

  • Apply your military skills and training to grow your business
  • Think like a general, plan your winning business strategy
  • Launch your next campaign, market like a pro
  • Recruit your ops team
  • Mobilize your leadership communication skills
  • Civilianize your resume

Families and Couples

  • Deal with difficult people
  • Communication competenties
  • Fair Fighting for couples
  • Purple up; happiness and suicide
  • Playful loving for couples
  • Parenting military kids
  • Rock your resume; get the job

Live and virtual programs
Keynotes, trainings, books, podcasts, & retreats
Cause-related marketing

Chaplain Certification Programs

  • Marriage retreats
  • Family and parent wellness retreats
  • Date night programs
  • Manage tempers, tears, and conflict
  • Deal with suicide conflict
  • Compassion fatigue, grief, and loss
  • Leadership challenges and development

Dr. Margarita Gurri is by far the most dynamic speaker I have had the privilege of working with. Her patriotism is unparalleled and her love for our country and those who serve to support it shine through in every aspect of her engagements. The common-sense approach to tackling daily military challenges is inspiring. The feedback we receive from our attendees demonstrates that connects, relates, and inspires service members and families alike. The passion for our Military shine through in her presences as well as her presentations!

—Susan Hare, Warrior & Family Support Regional Coordinator

Crack the Code for Dealing with Difficult People!