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Live and virtual programs for active duty, Reserve, National Guard,
veterans, and their families.

Military Transition:
Warrior to Citizen Vetrepreneur

Successful transition for military personnel and their families is a challenge. Whether you are a servicemember, family member, veteran, or a patriot who supports those who serve and support understanding job complications, military family demographics provides a solution for underemployed, underpaid, and unemployed servicemembers and their families.


Military families move every two to three years, ten times more often than civilian families. Dealing with deployment separations and multiple reintegration experiences in civilian workplace makes job searches during even more difficult. Gone-for-months, home for-months plays havoc with jobs, careers, and successful job searches during deployments, with transition to civilian life, and civilian careers. Military partners are equally affected, rendering them, at times, unemployable or underemployed.

No wonder so many family members and servicemembers in the Reserve, and National Guard servicemembers, have a hard time finding a good job!

Entrepreneurship is a solution. Being self-employed is a solution that fundamentally requires knowledge about business and communication skills. Demographics reveal that military families are young, with seventy-five percent between the ages of 18-34. Though less than 1% of our nation serves to keep American free, they represent 1.5 million job-searching adults with a $15 billion annual spending power. Clearly, this is a group with potential.

Yet, entrepreneurship in veterans is declining overall. While 40% of veterans returning from WWII and Korean War became entrepreneurs, only 5% of today’s vet own their own businesses. Interest, 4% of female veterans own their own business. This is a quadrupled rate of female veteran-owned businesses when compared to their male peers in a short 5-year span.


My work with the Yellow Ribbon Program sparked the idea to create entrepreneurship events with a focus on business, communication, and family life to support our military families before, during, and after deployment into a happily ever after.

Connect with more potential consumers from the powerful demographic of military families. Income and purchasing statistics reveal their $15 billion annual spending power. Grow your customer base. Grow sales. Or just feel great supporting those who serve and their families.

  • Educate military families about your products and services
  • Increase brand awareness and loyalty
  • Grow your customer base and drive sales
  • Gain Media attention with year-round multi-media campaigns
  • Capture the Attention Future Consumers


Support successful military transition and resilient family life!

Sponsorship can range from financial contributions to in-kind donations of goods and services to helping us put on live and virtual events that teach entrepreneurial skills needed for a successful business. Be on our advisory board, join a panel, be a keynoter or breakout presenter, or help us spread the word via print media, social media, television, radio, or podcasts.

Programs for active duty, Reserve, National Guard, veterans, and their families include:

Military Family Boot Camp
Entrepreneurs / Vetrepreneurs and their Families

Learn the skills you need to start and grow your business.

  • Apply your Military Skills and Training to Grow Your Business
  • Think like a General, Plan Your Winning Business Strategy
  • Launch Your Next Campaign, Market Like a Pro
  • Recruit Your Ops Team
  • Mobilize Your Leadership Communication Skills
  • Civilianize Your Resume

Thrive Throughout Deployment
Warriors and Military Families

Warriors and their families face emotional and logistical challenges of deployment transitions, separation, and re-entry into civilian life.

  • Thrive Throughout Military Deployment: Tale of Two Heroes
  • Share Remote Syncing Strategies: Strengthen Bonds from Afar
  • Explore Wartime Moral Injury
  • See through the Eyes of a Military Kids’ Expert Panel

Military Family Boot Camp
Strengthening Bonds as Partners and Parents

Dr. Red Shoe uses playful humor to address the toughest relationship challenges facing military couples. Communication strategies revitalize connection and intimacy. Programs include:

  • Explore Positive Parenting and Temperament: Joyful Rhythms® Series
  • Practice Playful Loving Strategies for Couples
  • Master Peaceful and Productive Communication: Polite Shut-Ups
  • Deploy Communication Aikido Listening Toolkit

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Multimedia connects your brand to this resourceful market.

Ongoing Multimedia

  • 1.5 Million potential consumers reached via Red Shoe, partners, advisors, fans, and sponsor promotion
  • Radio and podcast appearances
  • Press releases to local and national media
  • Articles and military-oriented online and print media, online e-zines, and newsletters

Social Media, email marketing, podcase, live virtual webinars, year-round live programming for servicemembers, vets, kids, and families connect you with the demographic of military families.

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