Suicide Awareness & Prevention

Save a Life!


What to Do & Say 
Notice | Listen | Act

Why not prevent suicide with humor, attentive & authentic connection? Caring, meaning, and wonder saves lives.

Purple Up!
Suicide Awareness, Prevention, & Healing

Suicide awareness ribbon

With more frequent deployments, less time between them, and more transitions—depression and suicide struggles are realities that need skill and compassion to address effectively.

  • Notice the signs
  • Practice what to say and do
  • Know available resources day and night
  • Manage the flow of communication
  • Create an Open Discussion culture plan

*Military kids with the South Dakota National Guard suggested the title of Purple Up. Normally, it's a slogan and color used to celebrate military kids. They generously offered this title and suggested the color purple, as it represents all branches of the military.

Wonder, Humor, & Other Antidotes to Misery
Mindsets and Actions 

You can create your happiness and success. Explore mindsets and strategies that foster satisfaction, productivity, and creativity.

  • Learn to use misery to invite clarity and energize positive action
  • Explore humor and play as stress-reduction strategies
  • Understand barriers to mindfulness
  • Practice setting limits with yourself and others
  • Cultivate a culture of wonder

Now What?
Self Care for Chaplains & Mental Health Providers


You make a difference. Now what?
Prevent burnout and secondary trauma with a frank discussion.


  • Embrace self care
  • Create a supportive culture before, during, and after close calls
  • Practice what to say and do
  • Sculpt a personal and team Responder Care Plan

Hope is one call away, 24-7!