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Attendee Engagement During Presentations

  • Chat function is reserved for speakers’ request for a response from attendees
  • Q & A function is reserved for attendees’ questions for the speaker

Virtual Booths

  • Virtual Booths offer attendees opportunities to post questions, comments, and leave messages on ICohere
  • Responses will be posted during and after the conference
  • Some free memberships will be chosen after the conference from the pool of attendees who visited a booth and left a message, winner will be notified by email after the conference


  • Sessions will be recorded
  • Recordings will be available Friday, October 9th on ICohere
  • You can download videos for your social media or review processes

 MC: Margarita Gurri, PhD, CSP
Text 954-609-9904 for Zoom-related questions before Oct 8th Conference begins

  • Introduces most speakers
  • Ensures program is on track and on time
  • Monitors attendee questions for the speaker posted in the Q & A, typing speakers’ answers
  • Highlights key takeaways
  • Spins the Wheel of Fortune for speakers to award prizes before and after each program

Meeting Monster: Marilyn Suttle, CVP
Text 248-752-0460 for Zoom-related questions during the conference

  • Tech problem solving so attendees can enter webinars
  • Reads chats out loud for the speaker to respond to 

Prizes for Attendees at Speakers’ Sessions

  • Prizes will be assigned randomly using the Wheel of Fortune app at the beginning and end of each program, only attendees present at your program can accept these prizes
  • Marilyn will TEXT Margo at 586-943-0265 with the winners’ names and the prize they won
  • Winners’ names and prizes won will be flashed on ICohere


  • Alex White (202) 870-6146, Email
  • FQA’s offer lots of info on the ICohere website


September is Suicide Prevention Month


Flags of Honor Escorts
Flag For 22 highlights Suicide Awareness

It gives voice to the hidden wounds of the
22 US veterans who succumb to suicide each day.

Image: Founder, David "Mac" McElroy
with Heidi "Blue" Hansing and the
Remembrance Flag, August 2020.


Every day, 22 US veterans succumb to suicide.

Globally, according to the World Health Organization:

  • Every 40 seconds, someone succumbs to suicide, this is 800,000 each year
  • For each suicide, 20 more attempt suicide
  • Suicide is the world's second leading cause of death for 15-29-year-olds

We must do better.

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Zoom for Virtual Presenters

Speak Inside the Box by Dave Bricker


Equipment Recommendations

Grateful to these folks for sharing their expertise:

Dr. Red Shoe's Favorites

Crisis Preparedness & Response


Difficult People

Difficult people are everywhere.
Sometimes its them.
Sometimes its you.



Ethics & Reputation 

The elephant in any room. It's about what we do, don't do, and what we say to whom, where, when, and how.


Military Teams & Families

Military Moms FB Group

Free Full Moon Programs for military, veterans, and families