Run Virtual Meetings, Trainings, & Retreats

Run Effective Meetings
Virtual, Onsite, & Hybrid


Virtual Leadership: Trainings & Retreats

Zoom for Virtual Presenters
Strategies and Tips


Learn the virtual skills and techniques needed to:

  1. Manage meeting settings
  2. Optimize video and sound
  3. Set up your virtual office
  4. Maximize security
  5. Run productive meetings
  6. PowerPoint Tips
  7. Invite engagements

Virtual Productivity
For Peak Performance


Lead virtually for real results.

  • Identify six reasons teams fail
  • Recognize the signs of emotional stress
  • Practice strategies to maximize virtual productivity
  • Learn how to plan and run effective meetings
  • Use periodic debriefs to improve processes and strategies

Virtually Productivity Roadmap:
10-Steps to Optimize Outcomes


Learn what to do before, during, and after to transform your meetings from boring and exhausting to interesting and effective. Learn the virtual skills and techniques needed to:

  1. Identify reasons to meet
  2. Plan effective meetings
  3. Master skills needed to manage a meeting
  4. Follow-up effectively
  5. Learn to run a debrief
  6. Implement productivity leadership strategies

Virtual Productivity Implementation Lab:
A Deep Dive into Ten Essential Productivity Tools

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This 4-hour Virtual Productivity Lab will teach you to:

  1. Hire the right people
  2. Set up a productive home office
  3. Establish expectations, boundaries, and goals
  4. Manage privacy and confidentiality
  5. Create and implement productivity strategies
  6. Foster relationships and inspire trust
  7. Supervise your team and evaluate performance
  8. Communicate with clarity
  9. Run effective meetings
  10. Strengthen your team with values, ethics, and positive workplace culture

Dr. Gurri is exemplifies vision, creativity, integrity, brilliance, compassion and competence in every way. I adore her!

—George Castrataro, JD, Entrepreneur

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